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We only support candidates who believe in putting Texas and Texans FIRST.

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Texas First



For far too long, Texans have been underrepresented by elected officials who profess their love for our state, yet consistently prioritize federal interests and special interest donors over the needs of Texans. For these officials, the iconic phrase “Come And Take It” has been twisted into a statement of surrender rather than a declaration of defiance.

The Take Texas Back campaign seeks to rectify this. Our mission is to champion ‘Texas First’ representatives at every level of government, from the statehouse to the schoolhouse, infusing the term ‘Texas First’ with the significance it truly deserves.

We call upon all candidates for public office to pledge their commitment to a contract with Texans, promising to vote and act solely in the best interests of Texans. This pledge instills a level of accountability that compels officials to carefully consider each decision they make, whether in Austin or in your local communities, ensuring that these decisions align with your values and the Texas Constitution.

Candidates who are willing to sign their name and pledge their sacred honor to this commitment will receive our endorsement and support. Those who refuse will be met with a clear and uncompromising warning. We will actively recruit, train, and support opponents who embody true Texas First values, while exposing the voting records of those who contradict these values.

We invite you to volunteer or donate today and join us in our mission to reshape Texas leadership. Together, we can ensure that the voices of Texans are heard, their values are upheld, and their interests are represented. Let’s take Texas back.