Take Texas Back

The Texas First Pledge

For our candidates "Texas First" is more than a convenient campaign slogan. It is their solemn oath to Texans that they will put the interests of Texas and Texans ahead of anything else. It is a fixed set of principles that guide every action as your representative.

It really is this simple.

Politicians lie and they do it often – and when convenient or serves their best purpose.

While examining past voting records, statements and other factors during the vetting process of a candidate, we get an insight into his or her past history. This has some bearing on how they will vote in the future. How many times have we heard the promises, only to be disappointed later, with some excuse like “it’s not my fault…”

No longer. To receive the endorsement of the Take Texas Back campaign, candidates must unequivocally sign our pledge, regardless of the level of office they seek.

We do NOT allow ANY pledge language to be changed or modified. They sign off 100% or they lose our support – or worse, we feverishly work against them to expose their contempt for the concept of putting Texas and Texans FIRST.

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No, we are not allowing any modifications or partial pledges.  We have worked very closely with pro-Texas candidates to design this pledge and there are no unreasonable commitments in the pledge.

Obviously, you will not receive our endorsement.  Worse, we may actively campaign against you if your opponent were to sign the pledge.  We will also publish a list of those candidates who were not willing to pledge to put Texas first.

Absolutely – and we have a recent history of doing so.  One of our goals is to identify those running under the “Texas First” banner who are not REAL “Texas First” candidates. 

Yes!  We will issue a press release and we will post your picture, bio, campaign website and your signed pledge on the site.  We will also promote those who sign on our social media pages and our extensive email list.

Our staff will be closely monitoring all actions of our elected officials at any level. In addition, we will be launching a public reporting system so that constituents can submit formal requests for review of actions by elected officials. If you have a question if a vote will violate the pledge, please contact our staff.  We will be issuing regular updates to keep you abreast on our positions with respect to important issues and how they align with the Texas First Pledge.  For members who break the pledge, we will very publicly withdraw our support.

After we receive your pledge, we will ask you to send a high-resolution headshot picture, a short bio (less than 200 words) and a campaign website link.  We would also like to have a quote we can publish on your commitment to Texas First principles and your decision to commit to the pledge.  We will then issue a press release announcing your commitment and will send you an endorsed logo that you can use in your campaign or website(s).

Click the link below, fill out the form completely, and sign the pledge. You will be contacted to verify the information submitted.

Not A Candidate?

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