Take Texas Back

Here's how we're taking Texas back.

"All political power is inherent in the people..."
It's time that we exercise that power.

The Texas Nationalist Movement stands at the forefront of a transformative shift in Texas politics. With a robust base of nearly half a million registered supporters, an extensive field organization, and dedicated volunteers spanning the breadth of Texas, we are primed to challenge the entrenched political establishment.

Our mission is to launch a highly organized, sustained campaign featuring a comprehensive roster of pro-Texas candidates. This strategic initiative is not just about winning elections; it’s about rewriting the political narrative in Texas. It’s about ensuring that the voices of Texans are heard, their values are upheld, and their interests are represented.

With the Texas Nationalist Movement leading the charge, we can take Texas back and secure the representation that Texans truly deserve. Join us in this pivotal journey to reshape Texas politics and champion the cause of Texas independence.


The future of


is in your hands.

Will you answer the call to stand for Texas?

Your journey towards becoming a TNM candidate begins here. We invite you to initiate the process by completing the application form. This is your first step towards joining a dynamic team of individuals committed to taking Texas back.

Upon submission of your application, our dedicated Take Texas Back team will promptly reach out to you. This personalized interaction is designed to guide you through your next steps, providing you with the necessary information and support to navigate your candidacy journey.

We look forward to your participation in our mission to reshape Texas politics and champion the cause of Texas independence. Let’s work together to create a future that truly represents the interests and values of Texans.

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