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Valerie McGilvrey

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January 22, 2022

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There's a New Valerie in Town.

Valerie McGilvrey is a native Texan born into a family of conservative, Southern Baptist entrepreneurs. Her father's family owned a concrete company and her mother's family were plumbing contractors and real estate brokers. McGilvrey grew up attending Pentecostal private schools. She is a member of The Fraternal Order of Investigators and is Education Chair of the Inland Northwest Private Investigators Association.

For seven years, Valerie was a Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Adjuster working claims flagged for fraud and also owned a restaurant in Spring, Texas. She is now the President of Asset Management Service, established in 1997, which specializes in property management.

Valerie has been called to run for this seat since 2018 when she began witnessing the destructive behavior of the present office holder negatively impacting District 150 firsthand.

McGilvrey's experience as a private investigator has been a valuable asset as a candidate. She looks forward to meeting you on the campaign trail and sharing more with you on her website in the near future.

✔️ Not Corrupted by Special Interests
✔️ Conservative Republican
✔️ Small Business Owner
✔️ Beholden to Only You
✔️ Outsider Candidate
✔️ Native Texan
✔️ Your Voice

Out with Old Management. In With New Leadership.

Valerie Vs. Valoree

I Had a Small Goal In 2018. I set out to get mug shots and driver's license photos for process servers and private investigators in Harris County. I was working with Chris Daniel, the elected District Clerk when he lost his re-election (he's running again and I fully support him) so my efforts were redirected to our incumbent, Valoree Swanson. She shut me down immediately and without a second thought. She does this to all constituents. It was then that I decided maybe I should run against her and get this done myself. Our legal professionals need so much more than just this, and we all know it. Every industry has been grossly underrepresented.

With the rising crime in HD 150, desperation for property tax reform, and no strong voice for us in Austin, we need change, and we need it now!

My Win is Our Win. Here's where I need your help, I have an urgent need to cover expenses to help me get the vote out. I need this ASAP. My goals are far above this but if you can contribute what you can it will help me so much. Would you please donate as much as you possibly can today, and if you're unable to donate, would you please share my contribution link so that someone who can afford to may do so? I am not a single-issue candidate or running because we have the same name. I can win this job and I can do this job but only with your support, prayers, donations, and vote.

Peace be with you and thank you so much,


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