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Tom Slocum

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Railroad Commissioner


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January 16, 2022

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I’m Tom Slocum, and I’m running for Texas Railroad Commissioner. My family landed on the shore in Texas in 1880, at the historic Gulf port town of Indianola.

I am 5th Generation Texan and 4th Generation Texas Oil & Gas. Well Control Certified, with 17 years of upstream experience in the field and in the office operating oil companies in Texas and in the Gulf of Mexico. I have complete knowledge of Texas Title 16 pertaining to all oil, gas, and mining. I have worked with oil companies to insure they are in compliance with regulations. I know why we have the regulations and if we need to tweak them, to make small measured changes and not drastic overhauls that can lead to unforeseen consequences. I have a degree in political science from Texas & University and have practiced oil and gas consulting in Houston since 2012.

I am pro God, pro gun, pro life, pro oil, pro business, pro parents, pro farmer, pro rancher, pro rodeo, pro school choice, a Constitutionalist, and I will always puts the needs of Texans FIRST and foremost. I will not put donors in front of or ahead of my fellow Texans, my constituents. I will always answer to the voters first.

I come from a long line of strong conservative family values. As a lifelong Republican, I’m running to fight for Texas conservative values!

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