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Todd Bullis

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January 8, 2022

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Todd Bullis was born in Iowa and grew up in California, moved to Texas in 2011 to support Liberty and Freedom.

Todd is married to Steffanie Bullis for over 20 years. Todd and Steffanie have 10 children, 6 of which are 2 sibling groups of 3 adopted out of the extremely ailing foster care system. Bullis’s oldest child is 28 and their youngest is 7. The Bullis’s are avid homeschoolers and believe the public-school systems have corrupted today’s youth.

Todd Bullis is a businessman partnering with two companies, Rapid Apps Inc and WareTrends. Todd brought internet technologies and ERP technologies to the Concrete Pumping Industry.

Todd Bullis is currently a Precinct Chair in Denton County and worked to censure Greg Abbott over his closer of business and mandates. https://dentonrc.com/news/county-gop-joins-censure-of-gov-abbott-over-mask-order/article_77f413e7-818c-5d6d-ba00-51a681cc5c88.html

Todd has also been a delegate to the last two Texas Republican Conventions and has always worked to develop and promote legislative priorities. Todd was also the first abortion abolitionist in Texas working to make abortion illegal, working with Abolish Human Abortion and Abolitionist from around the USA to bring about the abolition of abortion in each state.

Todd is not a politician but follows Jesus Christ looking to bring about revival through obedience to the word of God. Todd believes that if we are obedient and do not compromise on biblical principles that God will help us.

Todd is also working to expose and oppose all tyrants on the federal and state level.

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