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Stormy Bradley

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January 6, 2022

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Stormy Bradley is a sixth-generation Texan and a lifelong Republican. She is a business owner, a wife, and a proud mother of two.

Stormy Bradley owns multiple successful Texas-based businesses, including Bulldog Steel, a full-service steel manufacturer in Big Spring that employs local folks. Stormy knows firsthand what it means to start a business, create jobs, and sign the front of a paycheck. She also understands that the best way for our economy to continue to grow is to keep government small, taxes low, and bureaucrats out of the way.

Stormy Bradley believes involvement is the best way to make the changes we want to see. Stormy serves on several boards and committees in Howard County, including being elected as a board member for the Coahoma Independent School District, where she has fought to keep anti-American propaganda and critical race theory out of our schools. She also holds a leadership position with the Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees, where she works to improve the economy of the community and the region. Her service to the Permian Basin earned her the Russ McEwen Community Hero Award in 2021 and a commendation from Senator Ted Cruz for her role in the community.

Stormy Bradley is dedicated to Texas values. She will challenge the government’s overstep. She knows and loves the sovereignty and freedoms Texas is known for. She is a gun owner and a defender of the 2nd Amendment. As a mother and as a Christian, she is staunchly pro-life. She supports law enforcement and will fight to secure the border. And in an era when radical leftists burn the flag, tear down statues, overtax our citizens, and denigrate our country, Stormy Bradley is a proud and unapologetic defender of the greatness of Texas.

Stormy and Tyler Bradley live in Big Spring with their two young sons.

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