Take Texas Back

Shelley Luther

Office Seeking

State Representative


District 62

Pledge Signed Date

January 10, 2022

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Shelley Luther


Courage To Stand For Your Rights

The True Texas Conservative

Ready to fight for real relief from property taxes, true election integrity, and securing of our southern border.

A former high school Spanish teacher with a vested interest in education and teachers as well as their retirement.

A small business owner that understands and represents the needs of the people in North Texas.


Border Security

Voter Integrity

Abolish Government Mandates

Abolish Abortion

Abolish Gender Mutilation in Children

Eliminate Property Tax

Eliminate CRT in Public Schools

Secure the Texas Power Grid

Secure Teacher Retirement

Why North Texas Needs the

Grittiest Salon Owner in America

Who will make sure that Democrats DON’T get committee chairs and then run off to D.C. breaking quorum?  Who is going to vote in your best interest, and not the interest of a lobbyist or in hopes of a compromise with someone who has a liberal agenda?  You can count on me to always have the COURAGE TO STAND for the residents and voters of North Texas!

When a judge threatened to throw me in jail for failing to apologize for opening my business against tyrannical mandates, I didn’t back down.  I have rights, you have rights, and anybody who wants to take away those rights IS WRONG.  So the question becomes, who will stand up for you when the backroom deals to elect the speaker of the house happen again?

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