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Julie Dahlberg

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State Senator


District 21


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June 8, 2022

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About Me

I am a Mom & 'Mammaw,' my husband Shane & I live in Wilson County and have four adult children and two toddler grandbabies. I am a conservative Republican and passionate, Texas First Patriot and Christian, who has made the commitment to be a part of the solution to protect our future and our conservative way of life. And I invite you to join me.

I am a nonprofit and communications professional by trade, working to help leaders and small business owners with their back-end admin and communications needs such as websites, messaging and outreach, so that they can be free to focus on their areas of genius. I have mainly specialized in nonprofit organizational development, fundraising and engagement, having been in the nonprofit sector for most of my career, directing efforts in resource development, strategic planning, program development and public relations. My most rewarding roles have been in serving individuals and families in important causes in our communities, such as homelessness, substance use addiction recovery, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and active duty military and veterans, where I have been blessed to work directly with individuals and families working through some of the most trying times in their lives, working hard, healing and reaching success by taking personal responsibility of creating positive change in their lives.

I grew up and graduated high school in Florida, before moving to Texas with my family. I joined the U.S. Army shortly thereafter, building the mission-critical devices "BCGs" during my time serving new recruits at the Reception Station at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri in the early 1990s.

I am a Christian who knows that I am nothing without our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, and am known to turn many conversations into 'God conversations,' because everything on Earth that we deal with has an answer in the Bible. Being willing to examine issues with a Biblical worldview and apply Godly principles with the guidance of the Holy Spirit keeps us in line with the very reason for our existence, honoring God, and The Great Commission - sharing the good news of the Gospel and encouraging a relationship with Jesus. I am most comfortable and personally fulfilled by working with people who are willing to challenge and be challenged, as we mutually strive to a closer relationship with Him, in service to others. As member of First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs, I have served on the Safety Response Ministry for the last several years as an armed safety officer and help to coordinate the our Safety Response Team's administrative, training and protocol development functions. I am honored to have served on the National Board of Directors of Faith Based Security Network for the last couple of years, as my personal mission is to serve fellow Christian protectors in their ministry development, training, knowledge and growth. I also find great reward serving other women as a mentor in our church's Women's Mentoring Ministry. God has given me the gift to stand for others, the responsibility to defend and protect them, and the blessing of being the encourager for folks, as they advocate for themselves and their communities.

I have held strong conservative views for many years, but my interest was limited and I could tend to lean toward being a cynic about whether a regular person could actually affect change, given the push toward progressively socialist liberal ideologies that have somehow gotten control over most of our institutions. I was committed to the importance of voting Republican, but I did not begin to do my part in paying attention politically or seriously educating myself in detail on public policy and our elected officials until the Obama administration. When I finally started paying attention, I began to learn how much it matters in our every day lives, who is elected to represent us in our government. I became committed to researching and educating myself in legislative affairs, informing others and encouraging their participation.

My active political service began in 2019 when our Pastor Frank Pomeroy stepped up to run for this same race for Texas Senator and I was blessed to serve as his campaign manager. Traveling District 21 and getting to know the people in South Texas was eye-opening to me in a couple of very significant ways - one, that despite what was the common perception that all of South Texans align with the democrat party, that is NOT the case; and two, that intimidation and the fear of retaliation against conservative Patriots is a real thing - and 100 years of the stronghold of corruption and single-party control has been the major contributor to many critical issues that far South Texans live with everyday, such as the lack of election integrity, border security and economic opportunity or investment. Sadly, these communities have been taken for granted by the left, and ignored by the right, for far too long. I've been so blessed over the last two years to witness and work alongside hardworking conservatives to 'take back' their communities, liberty-minded Patriots who refuse to be a part of this oppressive system any longer, and they are not looking back!

I have been honored to serve in the conservative Republican movement to work to return our government to WE THE PEOPLE, as a State Delegate to the RPT 2020 & upcoming 2022 Convention, precinct chair, secretary & vice chairman for the Wilson County Republican Party and active in the Wilson County and Guadalupe County Republican Women's clubs. I also most recently managed the campaign of a candidate for state representative, and I continue to serve as a volunteer to other active candidates and other South Texas Republican parties and conservative groups, however I am able to help.

My campaign will likely look much different than others, in that I do not look at becoming your Senator as some lofty officeholder that wields power that I need. I am willing to serve and would consider representing you an incredible honor. This is not about me, this is about you and all my neighbors in this district, who need their voices to be heard, valued and respected, and need someone they can count on to serve their family's best interests, not self-serving interests. I will never bow down to establishment power nor 'go along to get along' at the expense of our values. You can depend on that.

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