Joshua Hamm

Office Seeking

State Representative


District 12

Pledge Signed Date

September 23, 2021

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Joshua Hamm


My name is Joshua Hamm; father, husband, blue-collar worker, and proud Texian.

I joined the Army after 9-11 and served as a diesel mechanic.  Afterwards, I worked as a mechanic, oilfield fracker, construction worker, tow truck operator, and commercial trucker.

As a parent and veteran, it is my responsibility to protect my family and community from would-be tyrants who would force themselves upon us.

Mask mandates, closing churches and businesses by government decree, open borders, all this crap is absolutely un-American and against our shared Texian heritage and values.  

We must not give one more inch to these political establishments who would use fear to gain more power. Terrorism, January 6th, debt crises, and now our own health by mask and vaccine mandates; these politicians will grab any excuse to sow fear so they can control us.

We, the people, must stand together, fight these bureaucratic machines, and say “Come and Take It!”

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