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Joe Brennan

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State Representative

District 42



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August 14, 2022

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About Me

A true Conservative Republican, Joe Brennan, and his wife of 44 years, Teresa Montoya Brennan, have been extremely fortunate to have lived in, raised their family, and call Laredo our home since 1992.

Raised in a very conservative household with four brothers and one sister in which strong family values were the foundation, we were taught that each of us has the obligation and duty to respect, protect and preserve what God and our forefathers have provided us. That each of us is responsible for his family’s wellbeing, be productive members of society and that a strong self-sustaining community, state and country depend on honesty and strong family values.

These are the values we have always lived by in raising our family.

The first 40 years of my professional life I dedicated myself to the building and start-up of “maquiladora” manufacturing facilities for the automotive, electrical equipment, and appliance industries in Mexico.

During this tenure I developed a very profound understanding of the idiosyncrasies involved in working within Mexico, the training of skilled workforces in the manufacture of “world class” products and the logistics involved in the movement of those products across our borders.

The past 15 years I have dedicated our belief in honesty and doing what is right for all concerned to the success of PBH Industrial Equipment & Supply a company my wife founded in 1995.
I truly believe Laredo is the greatest place to live and raise a family along the U.S. Mexico Border.

I stand for Freedom and Preservation of those God Given Rights afforded us by the Constitutions of the State of Texas and these United States of America, that it is my duty to act to preserve what we enjoy which is why I am the Republican candidate for the Texas House of Representatives District 42.

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