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Dewey Collier


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District 5



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August 12, 2023

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About Me

As a retired Lieutenant Colonel with 26 years of service in the United States Army, Dewey Collier knows the importance of commitment, integrity, and service. He's bringing that same unwavering dedication to the political arena as he seeks the Republican nomination for Texas State Representative.

Dewey's deep roots in Northeast Texas and his strong family values have guided his path. A loving husband to his wife, Morgan, for over 8 years and a father to six children, he understands the concerns of hardworking families in our community. With a firm belief in the Constitution and a steadfast Christian faith, Dewey is dedicated to upholding the principles that make Texas great.

Having served as a Combat Soldier and a Healthcare Provider, Dewey's experience spans both the battlefield and the medical frontlines. He brings a unique perspective to the table – one of courage, leadership, and a commitment to caring for others. As a decorated Veteran, Dewey knows the sacrifices made by those who defend our freedoms, and he will fight to ensure a strong and secure future for our country and the Lone Star State.

With over 106 acres of land, Dewey understands the challenges facing rural communities. He's not just a politician; he's a hardworking Texan who tends to his land and cares for his livestock. Dewey's passion for agriculture and dedication to preserving our way of life makes him the ideal candidate to represent our values in the Texas State House.

With Dewey Collier as your State Representative, you can trust that he will work tirelessly to protect our conservative principles, support our Constitution, and ensure a prosperous future for all Texans. Vote Dewey Collier for a stronger, brighter Texas.

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