Christine Kalmbach

Office Seeking

State Representative


District 138

Pledge Signed Date

January 14, 2022

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Christine Kalmbach


As a Born Again Believer & Constitutional Conservative Texan, I believe our rights come from God and that the Declaration of Independence & Constitution and Texas Constitution are the bedrock of our nation and state. I believe in protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights, our Texas border and reducing crime while supporting LEOs and not letting criminals run amok! As a military daughter and mom, I support our veterans and active duty members and their families because when on serves, we all serve. They deserve our respect. Texans should truly own their homes and that means abolishing property taxes! As a small business owner, I am for transparency at all levels, auditing our laws, departments and government to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse and limiting government control. We should be protecting Life from conception to grave, our freedoms and liberty, Parental Rights, Families, School Choice, Vaccine Choice, and Religious Freedoms and eliminating Lockdowns, CRT, Comprehensive Sex Ed and special classes. We need to tap into our faith community and free market solutions to help our neighbors and make our communities better. Let’s work together. Let’s let Texans run Texas!

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