Christina Drewry

Office Seeking

Precinct Chair (Political Party)


Smith County, Precinct 42

Pledge Signed Date

July 20, 2022

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Christina Drewry


Christina Drewry is a wife, a mother, and 1,836% Texian! She and her husband, Chris moved to Flint recently, but they have been long time residents of Smith County. Christina is the Tyler Local Coordinator for the Texas Nationalist Movement, a member of Smith County Republican Women, and active with Grassroots America – We The People. She joined the Texas Nationalist Movement in January 2021. In her words:

“For too long, Texas has tried to out-vote the federal overreach from Washington D.C. Texas has been with a Republican majority leadership for over 20 years, they have only been able to slow the destruction of our Texas culture, our Texas values and our Texas economy. Our state is like no other. The essence of being Texan has always been centered around hard-working individuals, having an independent spirit, living out our Christian ideals, raising a strong family and leaving a legacy for the future. Today, we are standing on the brink of disaster. There’s a crisis at the border overburdening our law enforcement, our farmers and ranchers, our school systems, and our healthcare systems. Texas is a donor state to feed the Washington pork-filled budget to pay for projects and legislation that robs us of our way of life. The Oil & Gas industry, that has greatly contributed to the Texas economy and the Texas Workforce, providing utilities and manufacturing materials for America, is being decapitated by government overreach and unelected bureaucrats pushing for green initiatives while subsidizing their pet green corporations. Parents’ God-given rights are being challenged while the left is trying desperately to remove any and all innocence of our precious children to train up a mentally unstable generation of society. Once I realized that Texas was in jeopardy and no one was stopping it, I took a deep dive into politics to see what was wrong with our Texas politicians. The short version is that the system is corrupt. The (R) beside their name isn’t magic and not enough of the people of Texas are involved.

What was I going to do? I can’t fix Washington, obviously. Someone shared with me that Texas could be a nation again and get back to our “less government, more personal responsibility” principles. Once I researched all the educational information on the website, I knew this was the answer to protect the political, cultural and economic independence of Texas. Daniel Miller’s book, TEXIT: Why and How Texas Will Leave the Union, was the reason I signed up to volunteer with the movement. I drew my proverbial line in the sand and jumped in feet first with the Texas Nationalist Movement. The Texas Constitution is clear – all political power is inherent in the people – we have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish our government in such manner as we may think expedient. Our right of local self-government has been impaired. What are we going to do about it? Vote for more (R)s? I know we cannot “elect” our way out of this. It hasn’t worked in the last 20 years. It’s time to stand. If not me, then who? If not now, then when?”

Christina has joined with several statewide conservative organizations to answer the call to action whether it was to protest, speak with legislators, or go to Austin. She volunteered much of her time to lobby at the Capitol for several issues in the 87th session and enjoyed the experience. She is enthusiastic about the upcoming 88th session because she has gained experience and has attended many trainings with leading politically active organizations that share her passion for the conservative causes of Texas. Christina attended her first TX GOP Convention as a delegate and plans to never miss another one!

By signing the Texas First Pledge as a new Precinct Chair, she is declaring her love for Texas and her promise to always put Texans and Texas First. The Precinct Chair position may very well be considered the lowest rung on the ladder, but it’s the position that has the biggest impact at the most local level. Having face-to-face contact with the citizens of her precinct gives her more of an opportunity to connect with the smallest Texan to the oldest Texan, a privilege that isn’t always available to our House Representatives or Senators. Christina is honored to sign the Texas First Pledge to protect Texas and Texans. Genuine and rightful power should be from the bottom up rather than from the top down. When Texans start putting Texas First, the true power “in the people” will be restored.

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