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January 8, 2022

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My name is Will Daves, and I’m running to be your next county commissioner for Blanco County Precinct 4, which is in the southeast part of the county.

This position is currently held by Paul Granberg. He’s done a great job of serving us for 31 years and has decided to retire this year. This is an open seat, with a few people running for a job…that is exactly that…a JOB. I was approached by all the current commissioners, our top leaders in the county, and they have asked and encouraged me to run for this position. Through much consideration, I have answered the call.

Many folks I talk to don’t know exactly what a county commissioner really does, and why the job is so important to our daily lives. So I’d like to take just a couple minutes to tell you about the job, why I think I’m best suited for it, and to ask for your vote.

When the job is done right, your county commissioner truly works for you. It’s not a glamorous job. It’s a working person’s job.

First and foremost commissioners are the frontline custodians of county assets. That means every day being out there building and maintaining county roads and bridges – filling potholes, mowing and trimming brush on the roadside, that is what you should see first and foremost. This job includes running the recycle center and community trash-offs, being on top of emergency response when we have emergency situations (floods and freezes and such), but your commissioner also sits on countless boards that providecommunity/county services. This is important work that directly impacts how we live our lives each day.

To best do this, as your commissioner, I will be connected every day to my neighbors who live here, be open to your input and calls — at all hours — and I’ll be ready to mobilize our county assets to serve you, to ensure our safety, and continue to improve our way of life here.

I’ve worked my whole career – more than 30 years – in construction, from hourly laborer up to CEO. I know the nuts and bolts of how our infrastructure is built and maintained, and how to lead teams to get things done right – on time, and on budget. And I will do this as your county commissioner.

I also served a spell as code compliance officer for the City of Blanco – at the personal request of the City Council, to help through a challenging time. Through this service I learned first-hand the ins-and-outs of getting things done within our local bureaucracy and political environment. I took this assignment to serve and give back, which is the same reason I’m running for county commissioner.

In regards to building relationships and staying connected to the community, as my kids were growing up here, I’ve served for more than 15 years as a volunteer coach, officer and president of various youth sports teams and leagues – football, baseball and basketball. I continue to volunteer and serve in many capacities from youth to High School.

My roots and relationships here are deep – not because of my family name, but because I’ve rolled up my sleeves to serve our community for many years.

Now, beyond the nuts and bolts stuff, there’s one other key part of the commissioner’s job, and that’s to serve you at a different level – as your representative on the County Commissioner’s Court. This also affects our daily lives here, but often in more subtle and big picture ways.

The Commissioners Court sets the county budgets, policies, purchases and more. As such, there’s a bit more politics involved at this level, and a lot more outside forces and influences at play. Because of this, it’s crucial that we have a county commissioner who stands strong for our values, and who will actively help steer Blanco County towards a positive vision for our future.

Our home here is at the crossroads of rapid growth out of Austin and San Antonio, and points beyond. Traffic is increasing exponentially and development is happening at a breakneck pace. At this time, more than ever before in Blanco County’s history, our way of life is threatened. So many of the things we love are at risk of radically changing or disappearing forever.

We need to know we can’t simply stop these outside forces, but at the same time we can’t bury our heads in the sand and hope things work out for the best.

I am a lifelong Christian, conservative, family man, businessman and volunteer who many years ago chose Blanco County as the place I wanted to put down roots and raise my family. I love it here, and while my Faith and Family will alwayscome first, I don’t want to see all the things I love about Blanco bulldozed, paved over or polluted. I will always fight for what’s right, and to preserve and improve the Blanco we love. I will never compromise our future, or look the other way when it is threatened.

As your county commissioner, I will stand strong, and always endeavor to work with wisdom and passion and purpose, to steer, to shape, and to stop where necessary, the outside forces that are pushing on us – to keep Blanco Blanco for our children, and their children, and long after.

Without the right leadership, right now, we risk losing all this. We can’t let that happen. As your your county commissioner, I won’t let that happen.

My name is Will Daves. I’m asking for your vote for county commissioner in Blanco Precinct 4 in the upcoming Republican Primary.

As your Commissioner, I WILL work for you!

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