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Paul Christenson

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County Tax Assessor-Collector


Ellis County

Pledge Signed Date

January 4, 2022

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Paul Christenson


Paul Christenson, Statement of Qualifications to Serve – Ellis County Tax Assessor/Collector
I bring a level of expertise and experience to city council unmatched by my opponent. We need effective leadership in our tax office, and we deserve leadership who will competently manage the taxpayers’ money. In short, we need good government.

• Bachelor of Science degree from the Pennsylvania State University Sloan School of Business in Accounting, 1982.
• Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, with Highest Honors, 1998.
• Certified Public Accountant, licensed in the State of Texas.

I work as an interim CFO for companies and I work on a project basis. My focus is on market conditions, service delivery, a customer driven focus, efficient operations, proper accounting and internal controls, and a satisfied workforce. My concentration is execution; nothing happens unless the improvements are implemented.

In my over twenty-five years in business working for governments and non-profits, I have developed my skills by working long and hard, and continually building on my expertise. My roles in the organizations I serve include financial leadership, IT implementation including design and enhancement, strategy design and execution, management reporting, new service development, team building, billing and accounts receivable management, budgeting, financial reporting, employee development, regulatory reporting and compliance, government affairs, risk management, operations and service design, and contract review and negotiations, among other things. I also conduct due diligence for acquisitions and expansions. This includes validating cash on hand, validating cash projections and budgets, verifying that prior expenditures occurred as represented and that future capital expenditure are justified, verifying cash collections, and other due diligence activities.

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