J.T. Cox

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County Commissioner


Williamson County, Precinct 2

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January 12, 2022

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J.T. Cox


Politicians from both sides begin with “I came here in ????”. They move here and seek to change things to resemble from where they came. J.T. Cox came here in 1955. Born and bred in Central Texas and The Hill Country, a native son and a product of its great traditions.

Born into a ranching family, J.T. grew up in the Travis Peak community on Cow Creek until the early 80’s when the family moved to the Liberty Hill area. The family ranch, the Bar P, was officially established in 1981 on the outskirts of Liberty Hill where it is still a working ranch today.

At the age of 18, J.T. left for a brief stint in college and soon left for the oil fields of East Texas, the Gulf of Mexico, and other oceans of the world. Most of his career was spent in the Gulf of Mexico working on a rotational basis and coming home to the family ranch on off time. J.T. divided his time between two worlds: ranching and helping to supply our energy needs. International time was spent going to areas of the world to use his vast knowledge and experience. Much of this time was spent on many oceans, countries, and waterways while always flying back to his beloved Central Texas home.

In 2004, J.T. moved into the house on Bar P ranch that he personally designed, crafted, and constructed with his own hands (with the occasional help from family!) After a 28 year career, J. T. officially retired from the oil fields in 2010 to devote 100% of his time to the family ranch and a business, Bar P Land Improvements. His company specializes in brush removal, post hole drilling, driveway/road construction and maintenance, and site preparation services to name a few. All out of a labor of love for the land, J.T. Cox has operated Bar P Land Improvement as a service company dedicated to helping land owners care for the land they love and enhancing the investment they have made for them and the generations to come.

Running for Williamson County Commissioner Precinct 2 was driven by the wrong direction that the current County Commissioner has taken us in recent years. Strong principled leadership is needed to correct the course we are going in Precinct 2.

J.T. will bring his thoughts and experience to the office in order to repair and improve the EXISTING roads in Precinct 2. This will not just be done during the final months right before election time as we see happening now…this will run consistently over all his years in office. It is time to put an end to our community selling out to toll road corporations and spending taxpayer dollars on new roads that only make developers happy, all the while ignoring the current failing county roads. Precinct 2 has also taken a wrong turn in terms of conserving its water, natural resources, and water ways. In the direction we are headed under the current leadership, we are quickly damaging them beyond repair in our lifetimes. As the County Commissioner for Precinct 2, J.T. brings common sense responsibility and personal experience to these irreplaceable resources we have been given stewardship over.

When we speak of “services offered” this extends all the way to the position of County Commissioner. In order to be “of service”, you have to be a servant. Emails unanswered, phones going to voicemail, message requests not being returned or delayed will cease. We have no servant to the people of Precinct 2. This will stop.

As a faithful member and attendee of New Life Church in Liberty Hill J.T. and his wife Tammy take to heart the words of Jesus “In order to be great, one must become a servant”.

“I thank you for the opportunity to serve you, I am an outstanding champion for all citizens of this precinct”

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