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Duaine Goulding

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County Judge

Johnson County



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January 8, 2022

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About Me

Personal -
I am a native of Johnson County having been born and raised in Cleburne attending Cleburne ISD schools and graduating from Cleburne High School. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Connie. Together we raised three sons who all currently reside in Johnson County with their wives and children. My wife and I currently reside in rural Johnson County.

Experience & Education -
I graduated from UT – Arlington with a Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer Science. While working in the IT field for a major oil company, I completed my MBA with a concentration in Management from UT – Permian Basin in Odessa.

I am a retired business executive with extensive experience in management of IT Services companies where I had budget and profit responsibility. I have led companies as President up to 1,500 employees with a budget of $150 million and have negotiated contracts as large as $120 million with major corporations such as AT&T, IBM, and British Petroleum as well as numerous smaller contracts. Leading large organizations, negotiating contracts, and managing large budgets is not new to me.

As a resident of Burleson, I served one year on the Zoning Board of Adjustment and 5 ½ years on the Planning and Zoning Commission before relocation to my current residence.

As a resident of Tarrant County, I served as a precinct chair in the Tarrant County Republican Party served two years as Chairman of the Dallas PAC for a major oil company. I am a Life Member (and Benefactor) of the NRA.

Platform -
As County Judge, I:
• Will bring transparency providing for more accountability,
• Will promote integrity in government,
• Will support law & order,
• Will work diligently to lower property taxes,
• Will explore the feasibility of establishing term limits for the commissioner’s court.

Guiding Principles -
• Individuals and families make the best decisions regarding their needs.
• Government should protect individual freedom and promote personal accountability.
• Tax systems should raise only the minimum revenue necessary to fund government.
• Tax systems should be fairly and evenly applied to all taxpayers.
• The Constitution should be followed and laws applied equally to all people.

Political Philosophy -
I stand for:
• Strict application of the Constitution,
• Taking care of our first responders – military, law enforcement, and fire fighters,
• Applying the law uniformly to everyone,
• Tax systems that are not subjective or arbitrary,
• National sovereignty – borders must be respected and immigration managed and controlled,
• A minimalist approach to government,
• Reducing big government because it encroaches on personal freedoms and creates problems,
• Term limits for most elected officials,
• Pro-life (i.e., anti-abortion).

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